Shapely calves indicate a healthy, active lifestyle. Typical indications for calf augmentation with implants are thin or asymmetrical calves, a Varus defect or defects, which may be caused by neurological disorders.

Our calf implants (PDF) have a very resistant shell of silicone elastomer, and are filled with a highly cross-linked silicone gel. Its strength also ensures that the gel remains in the shell in the event of shell rupture.

Which surgical technique your surgeon decides to utilize depends on the results of your physical examination and your personal preferences. Women, for example, may prefer a smooth round shape, men a clearly marked muscle simulation.

The surgical technique is relatively simple: through an approximately 5 cm long incision in the hollow of the knee, the implant cavity is prepared. Depending on the desired result, one or more implants are then placed in the cavity extending down the calf.


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